Making a Difference.

“What difference will one person make?” – say over 7 Billion people…..

After being inspired by David Attenborough’s call to re-wild the planet, we decided that it would become our mission to plant as many trees as possible over the coming years. To round out 2021 we had a little over 600 trees planted on our home property. On average this equates to one tree for every two arenas we have constructed over the past 21 years since establishing ELD in 2000 and Todd Cunningham Projects in 2020.

We engaged Aisling and her team from Advanced Landscaping & Design to carry this out for us. Grant and the Girls worked tirelessly over the past week to ensure this was done following recent wet weather delays and then they dealt with the heat over the past few days. Thank you team! (Sorry for chewing into your Christmas Holidays!😬)

We greatly appreciate your efforts and we can all feel like we have done our little bit for Mother Earth.

We have big plans to bring both of our businesses towards more environmentally considerate methods and practices over the coming years.

If 7 Billion people planted just one tree 🌳…….