Arena Maintenance Made Easy!

The ELD Arena Spread-a-bar has proven to be the popular choice when it comes to maintaining your arena surface.

Engineered specifically to retain depth of surface the ELD Spread-a-bar has a flat edge and on the reverse side inbuilt harrows, ideal for tilling and loosening compacted surfaces. The tines are 30mm in length so as not to damage the substructure on most Arenas.

The Spread-a-bar is designed to pick up surface in the deeper, heavier areas and re-locate them to areas with less surface.

Weighted and in-filled this lessens any bounce over the surface when in use.


There are no wheels on the Spread-a-bar, negating the corrugated effect often result when wheels/tyres bounce over divets in the surface.

Designed to be towed behind a variety of vehicles there are no special requirements for hooking up the implement.

The Spread-a-bar comes complete with a D-ring for hooking up or the chain can simply be hooked over your tow ball.

Off-setting it to one side of your towing vehicle will enable you to get up close to the arena edges.

This fantastic design also enables you to drag paddocks and spread manure with great ease.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the ELD Arena Spread-a-bar has an easy fold-away system for storage.

The ELD Spread-a-bar is available in three sizes or can be made to order on request.

Our most popular size is the 1.5m Spread-a-bar, weighing approximately 60kgs can be moved around by one person for hitching up to your towing vehicle.