ELD Dust Suppressant

The Natural Solution to Dust Suppression!

The ELD Dust Suppressant is sold in 20L drums. The mix rate is 1L per 1000L of water. 

There is no set usage rate for the Dust Suppressant as every arena or situation it is being used in is different. 

Ideally if you can apply the initial application when your surface is already wet (i.e. after rain/watering) the product will take quicker. Alternatively doubling the initial rates to 2L of Dust Suppressant per 1000L of water will work in the same way. 

The product builds up over time with regular use and eventually you will use less of the product at less frequent times. 

One of our trials included a riding school arena which was getting a water truck in once a week for dust control, after using the ELD Dust Suppressant at regular intervals the water truck is in once every six weeks to re-apply the dust suppressant. 

As a guide the majority of our customers purchase one 20L drum every 12 – 18 mths for a 20m x 60m Arena.

It has been successfully used on driveways, in stables and on differing kinds of Sand Arena surfaces. Customers have also used a variety of methods to apply the product: water trucks, 1000L water tank with a dribble bar attached, spray units/packs and the Yates weed ‘n’ feed bottles which attach to the hose.